Registration FAQ

Following is additional information about DignityUSA's Convention 2013, being held July 4 - 7, 2013, in Minneapolis.

1. Why is DignityUSA using online registration for Convention 2013? Is it reliable?

DignityUSA is using an application called CiviCRM to process registrations for Convention 2013 (as it did for the 2011 convention). This allows people to enter their personal information and to make selections as to optional activities. It means that the national office staff does not have to manually enter information from paper forms, and reduces the opportunity for errors.  It also allows the convention planners to run accurate reports whenever needed.

2. Can I register more than one person and pay for them online?

Yes, the first question in the online registration form is how many people you want to register. You then can provide detailed information for each person, and only have to pay once.

3. Can I pay by credit card or debit card? Is it safe?

Yes, DignityUSA uses PayPal to process credit and debit card payments. You do not need a PayPal account to do this (although setting up a PayPal account is easy, and may save you time if you are placing additional orders for souvenirs or for the riverboat cruise). Your account information is maintained and processed by PayPal, not by DignityUSA.

4. Can I pay by check (I don't want to use a bank card or don't want to use PayPal)?

Yes, there is an option to "Pay Later" on the online registration form. Clicking this will process your registration and provide you with information on sending a check to the national office.

5. I want to register now to get the Early Registration rate, but not pay until later – can I do this?

The concept of having Early Registration is to provide a discount for those who register and pay early. This provides the convention committee with funds to pay early expenses without drawing on DignityUSA. If you need special consideration, please contact the national office.

6. I'm still not convinced – can I register for the convention using a paper form?

Yes, a paper form is available from the national office. Just send a message to or call the toll free number at 1-800-877-8797. The paper form allows you to pay by check or by bank card.

7. I want to apply for a Scholarship – should I register first and then apply for the scholarship?

Yes, go ahead and register online, and check the Pay Later option. Then go to the Scholarship link on the Convention 2013 home page and fill out the information to apply. If you do not receive a scholarship and are unable to attend, you will not be billed for the registration fee. A paper version of the Scholarship Application is available by contacting the national office. Remember, scholarship applications must be received in the national office (online or by mail) by 1 April, 2013 to be considered.

8. The Convention 2013 brochure is great – can I get additional copies to give to friends?

Yes, just contact the national office and we'll be happy to send you copies. Also the brochure can be downloaded from the Promotion tab. It is available in two pdf formats, either as the printable tri-fold brochure or as a standard file for browsing page by page.

9. I still have questions – whom should I contact?

Please contact the DignityUSA national office by clicking on the Contact Us button, by sending an email to, or by calling toll-free 1-800-877-8797. We will be happy to address your question or concern.

Thanks for your interest in Convention 2013 – we hope to see you in Minneapolis.


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